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Court Policy Regarding

“Pro Se” Applicants

(Applicants, Executors, or Administrators without a Lawyer)


"Q: Can I still serve as an executor, administrator, or guardian even though I’m not a lawyer?

A: Yes. One need not be a lawyer to serve as an executor, administrator, or guardian. However, the executor, administrator, or guardian must be represented by a lawyer."

A Guide for the Texas Independent Executor

(If you're named as the Executor in the Will)


A Guide for the Texas Independent Administrator with Will Annexed

(If you're not named as the Executor in the Will, but the family agrees that you should serve as the Executor, then you're called the "Administrator")


Who Inherits If a Loved One Doesn't Leave a Will?

(Texas Intestate Succession in Pie Graph Form)


Ten Key Points to Check When There Is a Will


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